About us

'Koorklank' means 'choir sound' in Dutch. It is an online platform to promote choral music from Flanders: with news and inspiration, downloadable scores. Get to know lots of choral composers from Flanders and their work. Koorklank / Choral music from Flanders is a website of Koor&Stem vzw.

The number of composers who once started out as a singer, and who still sing or conduct a choir, is gigantic. It says something about the power of choir and the impact of singing on the development of composers. Even back in the Middle Ages, the so-called ‘schola cantora’ offered solid training in this regard. The mark that the Flemish polyphonists left on the development of Western music cannot be underestimated. But our composers haven’t been sitting still ever since.

The World Choir Games brings singers and conductors from 70 countries to Flanders. Which of our composers do they know? We want the rest of the world to discover the wonders of choral music by Flemish composers via Choral Music from Flanders. Amateur choirs will surely also discover new material here. We even found Gregorian chants that originated in these regions. And a lot of masterpieces suddenly appeared to be unavailable years later. And that’s what we’re changing. Choral Music from Flanders offers free scores, subject to undergoing a simple registration process.

We are aiming for around a hundred compositions by July 2020, but we will continue to expand the platform in the coming years. This is only possible thanks to our ‘notation community’. We’ve invested in a training programme with the free music notation software MuseScore. Coincidentally, the members can use the experience they’ve gained here to support the functioning of their own choir, for example by making practice files.

Would you like to just sit back and enjoy? Then be sure to visit the YouTube channel by the same name, where you will find numerous videos.

News and Inspiration

This page contains inspiration, news, and information about training activities for conductors. Koorklank is also the news channel of the Koor&Stem library and informs you of new publications and acquisitions. 

Sing pieces by composers from Flanders

Koorklank has a great liking for Flemish choral music and its composers. We introduce them to you in a clear composers’ sheet with up-to-date information. What’s more: our score catalogue allows you to effectively view compositions, listen to them, download them for free – subject to registration – and distribute them to your choristers by print or tablet. These choral pieces are just begging to be sung! 

Strike the right tone

We’ve added practical tips to all the scores, so that it is easier for the conductor to strike the right tone. These were written primarily by established conductors or composers with strong pedagogical skills. In addition, we sometimes make additional downloads available as a rehearsal aid.

Meet like-minded people

Share a good idea, point a colleague towards a great composition, exchange interesting news, or comment on our newsletters or scores. Anything is possible. 

YouTube channel

Koorklank also has a YouTube channel and regularly publishes a new playlist with all kinds of choral music: old, new, difficult, easy, international, local, by amateurs or professionals. 

The platform is constantly evolving and we are always interested in new ideas.
All suggestions are welcome. You must first register on the site to download scores, ask questions, make comments, or give answers.
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