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Noah Thys (°1992, Ghent) discovered music at the age of 13, when he started to learn the piano on his own. After he had finished high school, he continued his studies for one year at the MuDa Evergem, where he studied piano with Sabine Haenebalcke. Next, he studied composition with Dirk Brossé at the Royal Conservatoire of Ghent, from which he graduated in 2017 with great distinction. In the same year, Noah started vocal studies with Marcos Pujol. Noah followed masterclasses and workshops with The King’s Singers, Ratas del Viejo Mundo, Delphine Galou, Ubaldo Fabbri, Guiseppe Ravi, Bob Chilcott and Eric Whitacre amongst others.

Singer and composer

Noah loves to experiment with different styles, from mainstream to new media. His interest in new media resulted in many collaborations and projects. For instance, he participated in the International Master in Composition for Screen in Bologna, and he created the soundtracks to educational video games such as Karaton and Fluency Friends. His concert music has already been performed in many concert halls such as the Bijloke in Ghent, where he also performed as a soloist in Karl Jenkin’s The Armed Man. Moreover, he performed with many ensembles such as Kalliope Gent, Saevus, The King’s Singers and the Flemish Radio Choir in collaboration with the Brussels Philharmonic, under the baton of Eric Whitacre. In September 2020, his composition De Waterlelie (The water lily, performed by Vlaams Radiokoor, was released on the CD Les Flandriens.

Model and One Man videos

In his spare time, Noah is a professional model. He is also an active social media user: on his YouTube channel, he already gained 6 million hits.

Works for choir (selection)

  • Seasonal Snapshots. SATTB, with words by Matsuo Basho, Masaoka Shiki, O no Yasumaro, 2015, published by SheetMusicPlus.
  • De Waterlelie. SATB and bariton solo, with words by Frederik van Eeden, 2017, beluister hier. Also available on the CD Les Flandriens.
  • Gratus. SSAATTBB, 2018, lees meer hier.
  • Fuujin & Raijin. SSAATTBB, with words by Kobayashi Issa, 2019, lees meer hier

Picture: Linde Stevens, for fashion store stapel.preowned 

De Waterlelie door Noah Thys
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