We proudly present the winners of the second edition of the Vic Nees Composition Competition! José Retra (NL) won the first prize with Le Secret for women's choir and piano. Maxime Godfrind's Mæñawídha finished second. Stijn Dierckx won for the second (!) time in the category music schools and Marcel Ponseele finished in second with De Grens.
The jury selects the winners of the European Award for Choral Composers 2020-2021. They chose two Belgian winners and award 2 special mentions to ... also two Belgian composers. Congratulations Jan, Maarten, Hans and Vigdis!
Here you can step by step learn the body percussion of Listen with the help of Marleen De Boo.
Sunday May 3rd the jury for the first edition of the Vic Nees Composition Contest convened via videoconference.
International Composition Course 6-10 July, aimed at artists who are just starting out and young professionals, from Belgium and abroad.
Now the World Choir Games are ahead of us, a number of volunteers are busy engraving scores of composers from Flanders.
Who else could we ask to do this but Kurt Bikkembergs?
This competition is intended for students at the Flemish conservatories and part-time art education institutions.