Get ready for the body percussion of Listen

In this video, Marleen De Boo teaches you the body percussion of Listen, the official song for the World Choir Games 2021 by Kurt Bikkembergs.

Sing together, with all nations, come sing along,

it is cool,  yeah!

During the Opening Show of the Virtual Choir Games on July 5, 14:00, Marleen De Boo taught the body percussion step by step. If you have seen this clear video, a flawless performance is near!

Marleen De Boo studied at the Lemmens Institute Leuven (now LUCA School of Arts) and is the conductor of several choirs of the Waelrant choir family: This choral family includes 8 choirs, the youngest singer is 4 years old, the eldest is over 80. She teaches choral conducting in schools music organisations and the Conservatory of Antwerp. Marleen is passionate about teaching singers of all ages how to sing and experience choral music.

Find here the scores of the different versions of Listen

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