Winners first edition Vic Nees Composition Contest

Sunday May 3rd the jury for the first edition of the Vic Nees Composition Contest convened via videoconference. The jury was made up of Sabine Haenebalcke (chairwoman), Bernie Sherlock (Ireland), Ludo Claesen and Robert Sund (Sweden).  

The Vic Nees Composition Contest is an initiative of Koor&Stem, ComAV, Vlaams Radiokoor, and the European Music Festival for Young People. It is made possible through support of Sabam for Culture. 

25 entries in 2 categories 

Up until the 20th of April participants were able to submit their compositions in 2 categories. We received a total of 25 entries, 6 for the category conservatory and 19 for students of music schools. The jury chose a winner for both categories. The winning pieces will be published on Koorklank and on the English platform Choral Music from Flanders.  

And the winner is...

The jury were pleased with the quality of the entries and decided to, in addition to first prize, grant a second and third prize. Second prizes will also be published on Koorklank, the Dutch version of Choral Music from Flanders. 

The jury also included a special mention in each category for works of excellent quality but that were judged too difficult for the intended performers, those being amateur choirs. We share the results below.  


The winners of the Composition Contest Vic Nees talk about their winning pieces.

Performance of the pieces

Due to the corona measures the premiere of the winning pieces by the Vlaams Radiokoor planned July 9th will not be able to take place. We hope to be able to still organise this performance during this calendar year. In anticipation of this event the scores of the first and second laureates are, as of now, available on our digital platforms Koorklank and/or Choral Music from Flanders. 

An additional competition next year 

We are already able to announce that due to the postponement of the World Choir Games, a second edition of the Vic Nees Composition Contest will be held in 2021. More info to follow in the fall.



1st prize: What is your substance, whereof are you made? - Lara Denies (student of composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp under Wim Henderickx)

2nd prize: Hymne aan het leven - Bart Michiels (student of composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp under Wim Henderickx)

3rd prize: Freedom - Richard He (student of composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp under Wim Henderickx and Alain Craens)

Special mention: Onderbroken - Simon Rogiest (student of composition at the Ghent Conservatory under Daan Janssens)



1st prize: Luce prima - Stijn Dierckx (Music school Lier) 

2nd prize: Wild Flower - Stefaan Himpe (Music school Oud-Heverlee)

3rd prize: To autumn - Tom Van den Bouhede (Music School Herentals)

Special mention: Tea Thoughts by Nadja Delbarre (Music School Aalst and Lebbeke).

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